Interested in becoming a Promoter or brand Ambassador for HAURI?

Do you wish to support young entrepreneurs even more than with just purchasing one watch?
Become a promoter for HAURI and get a personalised 15% Discount code for you and your fans. You will be notified whenever someone purchases a watch using your discount code. The more watches sold using your code the more young entrepreneurs and startups in southern and eastern Africa you are supporting.

You will also get the chance to win different giveaways and prizes depending on the amount of usage of your code.

Send us an email to, tell us your motivation and lets get started!
Do you wish to work exclusively together with HAURI and wish to represent our brand?
Become an Ambassador and get the chance to be sponsored by HAURI.

What is a brand Ambassador?
HAURI brand Ambassadors are selected people who have a special talent and wish to represent HAURI in their own way. HAURI brand Ambassadors get sponsored by HAURI, this way they can focus even more on what they love doing.

Do you think you have what it takes and believe you can represent HAURI in a positive way?
Send us an email to  and we will schedule a meeting with you.